Tailgate Connect is the home for a nomadic tailgater

I am going to ask you to do me a favor.

I want you to picture the college football games you have been to and the tailgate parties you have attended in your life. Now ask yourself what do you remember?

Do you remember the people you met in the parking lot and the lifelong friendships that you made? How about the sights that last a lifetime, sounds that you can still recall whenever you close your eyes and smells of food that can still set your stomach into overdrive to this day? And how can you forget the epic comeback you and your partner orchestrated in the Corn Hole game that secured bragging rights for the year?

For some, the ability to be able to reminisce about their fondest tailgating experiences is easy. But behind the best tailgate stories, are also times full of lugging 12 packs and coolers around the parking lot looking for a party to crash or for a place they can call home until the game kicks off.

Others may not be able to even answer this question because their idea of going to a college football game is to just witness the product on the field, clueless to the memories being made in the parking lot behind them. They may have wanted to experience tailgating but the idea of it is intimidating to them.

Dan Donnelly and Joe Rogers, Co-Founders of Tailgate Connect, are here to help.

Tailgate Connect is a site that connects you with the best tailgate parties and companies at some of the best college football venues. Getting connected is simple. Log onto http://www.TailgateConnect.com, click on “Get Connected”, scroll down to tailgate package. Here you can pick a season pass or a pass for one game. Click what you want, provide them with your information, the location of the game, and the date the game is being played. Once submitted, Tailgate Connect will send you the location and details of the tailgate party you are to attend. After that, it is up to you to show up and have fun!

That is it! That is all it will take for you to create some memories at the next big college football game you attend.

You may be asking, why Tailgate Connect? Why are they working so hard to make your experience so easy?

If you got the chance to talk to them like I did, then what I am saying to you would make sense. One simple phone call with Joe had me excited about what they are doing. I listened to the stories he shared, and his experiences he lived as a football fan and he had me wanting more. Joe had me in awe as he shared the time him and his buddy went up to Michigan Stadium for a Notre Dame game under the lights. As a die-hard Wolverine fan, I sat at the edge of my seat as I was eager to hear what it was like to witness the Big House illuminated under the night’s sky.

But instead, Joe shared a tale of how two gentlemen invited him and his buddy to a tailgate shortly after they set up a home base under a couple of trees in the parking lot. That tailgate, unbeknownst to them, ended up being hosted by legendary Toronto Maple Leaf announcer, Joe Bowen, and his sons were the individuals that extended the invitation. As Joe talked, you can tell just how much that moment meant to him, and how the food, drink, and conversations of that day stand out more than the game itself. It honestly gave me goosebumps as he talked. Goosebumps that only college football fans would recognize.

This is what makes Tailgate Connect, and the people behind it different. They have lived it. Dan has tailgated at over 100 different schools, and has witnessed 200 games in person. One of those 200 games was an Army-Navy game where Dan met Joe and both pondered over the thought of how they could help others experience college football and tailgating like they have. Shortly after this, Tailgate Connect was born when Dan witnessed Penn State fans who traveled across the country to walk a foreign parking lot with beverage and food in hand, not really knowing where to go at the Rose Bowl, and he wanted to help.

Dan and Joe have experienced what it is like wandering aimlessly in similar lots to find that perfect spot, while also experiencing the best that tailgating has to offer. They want to connect you with people that can help you share stories similar to what Joe shared with me.

There is more to be seen at a college football venue than just the game on the field. College football at its core is full of traditions, great people with great stories, food, drink, and memories. Just showing up to a game to see the product on the field is an injustice to you as a football fan. Allow yourself to take the time to absorb it all. Whether you are a fan who never tried tailgating before, or a parking lot pack-mule looking for a home, Tailgate Connect can get you there.

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